The Pirl charger protects itself and your devices.

Overheating Every individual chip (integrated circuit) inside the Pirl charger has its own independent overheating protection.
If any of the chips overheats for any reason, it will shut itself down to protect the charger.

Static Discharge Electrostatic discharge (ESD for short) is a major culprit in the early demise of consumer electronics. Every exposed port on a device can conduct static electricity into sensitive internal components.
To defend against this, there are ESD protection chips at every port of the Pirl charger.

Short The Pirl charger outputs are protected against over-current and dead-shorts. If a short is detected, that channel will shut down until the short is removed. The short can persist for an unlimited amount of time without harming the charger.

Reverse Polarity Some vehicle connectors allow you to plug your devices in reverse (plus to minus, and minus to plus). Fortunately, the Pirl charger will not be harmed by such a scenario.