The Most Powerful 4 Port Charger.
Features at a Glance

Fastest 4-Port Charger

2.7 amps per-port, 10.8 amps total. 50 watts total.

4 Separate Channels

Disruption on one pathway, including a short, will not affect the other devices being charged.


All ports provide maximum power, simultaneously. No throttling - charging speed won't slow down as more devices are plugged in.

Intelligent Device Detection

Detects and optimizes charging speed by adapting to your device's particular charging scheme.

First Charger with Integrated Watt-Meter

No more guessing how fast a device is charging.

Wide Input Voltage Range

Can accept anywhere between 7V to 17V. It works with AC/DC adapters, car power port, lead-acid batteries, DC-output solar panels, and lithium-ion battery packs (2S, 3S, and 4S).

Built to Last

Able to withstand over-current, dead short, ESD, reverse-polarity, and thermal overload. Mechanically robust; built from aluminum and FR4.                                                  

Real-World Devices Tested

Fast charge capability tested on devices by Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG, ASUS, Lenovo, Huawei, Xiaomi, and more.
4 Separate Channels

Individual & Intelligent Device Detection

Each channel detects and selects the proper D+ and D– settings to communicate with the attached device, so that it can fast-charge at full current.

Maximum Power at Each Port at the Same Time

Each channel operates separately from the others, allowing all devices to draw 2.7A of current at the same time.

Wire Compensation

Channels adjust their output voltage proportional to the amount of current drawn, to compensate for power loss in wires and connectors.

Fault Isolation

Faults do not cross from one channel to another. Overcurrent or device fault will not harm the charger, or cause any other connected device to stop charging. A red LED will turn on to indicate that the channel is halted; no current will be drawn in this state.
50 Watts of Power
Multiple Input Options
Built to Last
Designed for Longevity Designing a product to last involves not only constructing it robustly, but also designing it so that it can easily be repurposed after its first intended use. That way it's much less likely to end up in a landfill.
Mechanically Robust Built from anodized aluminum and layers of FR4 (glass-reinforced epoxy laminate).
Significantly higher resistance to pressure, flexural force, and buckling than typical devices.
The plastic casing of consumer electronics is prone to denting, cracking, and abrasive wearing, potentially compromising the electronic components inside.
Protects Your Devices From:

Overheating Every individual chip (integrated circuit) inside the Pirl charger has its own independent overheating protection.
If any of the chips overheats for any reason, it will shut itself down to protect the charger.

Static Discharge Electrostatic discharge (ESD for short) is a major culprit in the early demise of consumer electronics. Every exposed port on a device can conduct static electricity into sensitive internal components.
To defend against this, there are ESD protection chips at every port of the Pirl charger.

Short The Pirl charger outputs are protected against over-current and dead-shorts. If a short is detected, that channel will shut down until the short is removed. The short can persist for an unlimited amount of time without harming the charger.

Reverse Polarity Some vehicle connectors allow you to plug your devices in reverse (plus to minus, and minus to plus). Fortunately, the Pirl charger will not be harmed by such a scenario.
Input voltage 7V to 17V DC
Output current per-port 2.7A
Output current total 10.8A
Output voltage 5.05V (±0.03)
Output voltage increase under load +0.15V Max (each port compensates separately)
Wattmeter Resolution of 0.1W up to 10W, resolution of 1W above 10W; Accuracy ±5%
Measurements LxWxH: 3.5" by 2.7" by 0.6" OR 88mm by 69mm by 14mm (without attachments)
Weight 4.5 ounces or 128 grams
Output protection Over-current including dead short (recovers in ~3 seconds)
Output data lines ESD protection ±18-kV contact, ±25-kV air-gap
Input reverse-polarity protection -18V DC
Input ESD protection ±8-kV contact, ±12-kV air-gap, 400W surge
Thermal shutdown All power ICs equipped with independent, internal thermal shutdown
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